Land Investments
November 23, 2012 — 9:09

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We have been in business for over 141 years, gathering experience and a clear understanding of working up planning permissions and maximising returns.

With a current landholding of over 40 acres and over 148 approved residential plots for construction, we feel we are comfortably positioned in the residential market. However, we are always actively seeking to augment our commercial / mixed-use land bank.

We are well-practiced at promoting commercial projects through the planning system and have a track record for winning good commercially implementable planning consents.

We welcome approaches from land and property agents/owners and the opportunity to discuss the potential to expand our portfolio, predominantly across the South West of England.

Land Investments

Areas of expertise include

  • Site identification.
  • Land assembly – long term strategic.
  • Optimising land value through the planning systems.
  • Project management and delivery of large scale, mixed use regeneration projects.
  • Innovative solutions to complex environmentally challenged sites, delivering certainty of a safe transfer of environmental liability.


Contact Details

Please send us an email to
You will appreciate we have a vast number of enquiries, not supplying relevant and informative information can slow our appraisal process down and in some circumstances your opportunity can be rejected.