Sale & Leaseback
November 23, 2012 — 9:09

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  • Are you running a business that operates from it’s own premises?
  • Do you need finance to help expand or ease cashflow?
  • Are your bank’s finance terms too expensive and repayment¬†periods too short?

If you have answered yes to any of the above then you should read on because maybe the Rowe Group can help.

“Since the collapse of financial markets, sale and leaseback has grown in status and being used more by large corporates”.

Business operators have now recognised the opportunity of cashing in this asset. Understanding the fact their property is no longer key to growth of their business, and more importantly, the cost of raising finance has become considerably more expensive and difficult to obtain.

Businesses are now beginning to understand the hidden value in their properties. These assets tend not to be valued and if held for a considerable time can actually be worth a lot more than initially perceived. Allowing the sale proceeds to be recycled back into the business can usually generate a significant return on capital.

Further benefits are…

  • No financial arrangement fees or setup costs.
  • Equivalent banking loan repayment term typically shorter.
  • Significantly quicker route to raising funds.
  • Opportunity for business to manage a controlled relocation plan incorporating it’s expansion.

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