Property Development
November 23, 2012 — 9:09

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With a strong commitment to quality and value, we operate nationwide in all sectors of the market, including residential, commercial, and industrial. We have a track record for maximising development opportunities ranging from new residential projects in environmentally sensitive areas through to mixed-use in built up urban areas.

Property Development

Acquisition Criteria.

Commercial: We seek new development opportunities throughout the UK for retention in the portfolio. The main geographical regions of interest are the South West and South East. We have the potential to look at acquisitions that require capital improvements, venture partnering and new build. It is our ethos to explore all avenues for site acquisitions, liaising with local authorities and development agencies, to secure future development sites and possible public sector funding.

Residential: If you have land or property in a greenfield or brownfield location that you are interested in selling, either with or without planning permission, we would welcome the opportunity to talk with you.

If however you want to explore the opportunities of developing the land yourself by way of a joint venture we would be happy to discuss possible synergies to ensure you get maximum value with a partner you can trust.

Please send us an email to

You will appreciate we have a vast number of enquiries, not supplying relevant and informative information can slow our appraisal process down and in some circumstances your opportunity can be rejected.